Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Are you sick of hearing me talk about process in my own house?
I know that's what I love about the blogs I read, but I am also aware that I have a shocking amount to say/think/process/do on the topic, and that perhaps it is getting just a little bit.....boring?

Well.  Sometimes, you just have to take a step back.

This is the challenge with both incremental decorating and the "collected" vibe: I have been working so hard to find the one piece that makes everything "work", I didn't really stop to consider if I like what's going on.  I'm pretty sure this is a common phenomenon.  Some call it "throwing good money after bad."

So I did what one does.  I made a design board.  Of my own dining room.

But first I asked: what do I love, what stays, what goes?  (I'm a professional, but yes, you can try this at home.)

What stays: vintage blue eames chairs (someday: upgrade to dowel bases); church pew; chinoiserie cabinet; sale block print pillows from Pottery Barn; ceramic hex tile backsplash in the kitchen

What goes: the temporary art and the rug that I love love love, but which also represents where I was at 15 years ago.  Turns out, these two pieces are majorly bossing around the palette in this room.

Could go either way: While I feel that the Maskros light is "over," I actually simply love it.  It stays.  And the chartreuse curtains?  Well, I am not averse to swapping them out for some plain white Ikeas, but really, why?

And here's what I got.

Is this for everybody?  Hell to the no.  In fact, I may lose clients just posting this.  That is A LOT of color and mish mash.  But this is what I want: happy color, bold but worn in rugs, big, strong art, a slightly exotic feel, pieces with stories.  A home that says: yup, we are interesting.  Disheveled, but interesting.  That's just what I want to come home to.

So....I'm curious.  Which scheme do you hate the least?

Those Indian Mughal portraits at the top, quick: love or hate?



  1. yes to the Indian prints! i like both boards, but the 2nd rug really drew me in. however, I do like the chairs with the art in #1. what color are the walls? I'm not much help!

    1. Walls are white! I should also say that the art are real possibilities, but the rugs are more just for idea. They are the wrong size or wrong price point, so I would be looking for something similar (vintage) or have something made to copy them.....And my chairs are slightly less bright!

  2. Love the Indian prints and I like the top board best. Don't feel like Maskros is over - that's one thing we see a lot that I still like very much! And I've worried about losing potential clients after seeing what's going on in my home too!

    1. Those prints are pretty awesome, aren't they??? They would be a major splurge, but also a major impact. I guess our homes are our "labs," right? I am hosting book club next month and several of the ladies in the club are also clients....should be interesting!


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