Thursday, October 31, 2013

Special Order rugs

Well, West Elm has done it again.

Have yo noticed that they now offer special order rugs?
Six rugs that can be ordered in custom colors and extra large sizes.

That Andalusia Dhurrie is an old favorite, and I love the idea of ordering it in pink--very Madeline Weinrib on a budget.  That offset stripe might satisfy dome of my Indian dhurrie dreams, too.

There is a long lead time and no returns--but such is the case any time you have a rug made.

I'm always impressed with the ways this retailer innovates the shopping experience!


  1. I haven't yelped for years...because I've been living overseas--but I MUST yelp my experience at Aladdin Rugs from this afternoon. I return to my beautiful neighborhood of the Richmond District about twice a year. cowhide rugs


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