Friday, October 11, 2013

Who is Kathryn Ireland, Anyway?

At book club last night, a friend said to me "I don't know who Kathryn Ireland is, but I like her advice."

Yesterday I posted about her advice to accept all hand me downs, but I neglected to tell the uninitiated about her style.  Made (more) famous by her role on Million Dollar Decorators and designing Lindsay Lohan's house, Ireland is an LA-based British designer with a genius eye for pattern, color, and textiles (she has her own line, which I totally covet) and a knack for knocking the formality out of traditional elements.  The result is warm, beautiful, eclectic, colorful, lived-in interiors that look collected over time but don't take themselves too seriously.

In comparison to other designers with some of the same abilities, I think what I love about Kathryn is her English-ness.  That slightly disheveled, slightly regal way of making a threadbare carpet or wall of askew photographs seem utterly chic.

Does this help you see where I am going with my dining room?
I just want to up the happy a little and make the soulful hand me downs work with the new.

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