Friday, January 25, 2013

Pattern Play

Lets' wrap up with project Bohemian Modern, shall we? (bedroom, living room, dining room.)

Final selections: kitchen upholstery.
The kitchen is nice.  And, well, that's it.  It's "nice."  The cabinets are fine.  The granite is fine.  It just doesn't make me jump for joy.

There is an L-shaped banquette in a big corner, with a huge window and tons of natural light, and that's where we will be doing a nice french ticking stripe on the cushions and a mix of patterns on the throw pillows.  I immediately thought of this:

fabric mix on banquette
Pretty sure this is Hank Azaria's house in...probably Elle Decor.

Keeping the palette simple (to let the patterns pop), I gave her three options.

Blue and white with a side order of red and khaki

Grey and chartruesey-yellow

And red and khaki (the winner.)

Sometimes it feels random when I am pulling fabrics and whe I start to group them, I see things are missing.  Not this time: I laid 'em out, and made my husband give me a high five.

The client agreed: we had such fun playing around with these.

Ordering fabrics now.  can't wait to see these come to life!

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