Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bohemian Dining Room, two ways


Happy to share some design boards today!

This client actually had a baby on Saturday night and emailed me today to move forward with some fabric choices for her kitchen.  Amazing.  This is the house with the slightly bohemian-modern vibe (see her living room looks and her bedroom looks.)  The dining room will probably wait for a while, but I threw together some ideas to get her thinking about direction.

She wanted bohemian farmhouse with a smidge of beach, and we wanted to carry in the metal finishes from the living room as well as the bleached-out wood.  The first look has a table with an amazing hammered-steel top on a driftwood-colored farm table base.  (the table itself encapsulates the whole look!)  Bohemian rug and drapes, beachy chandelier and head chairs, and farmhouse side chairs in a modern color: bam.

I actually changed this next board from what I showed her--just keeping it fresh around here!  You know I love a frenchy cross-back chair, and these are METAL.  Love them.  They also act as the perfect foil to the beachy modern vibe of the plank dining table. Throw in a bohemian trellis print in beachy denim and loads of texture on the drapes and rug, and I'll move right in, thank you very much.  (Because you know I love jute rugs, big ball chandeliers, and, surprisingly, red and blue together.)

What do you think: do you prefer one to the other?  Want me to design your dining room now?  You know you do.

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