Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stalking: asian console table

Most of the time, I follow the "I'll know it when I see it approach," letting inspiration come from some fabulous find, and building a room or vignette from there. But sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet about something very specific, and while I can usually find it, I generally can't afford it.

Like the console for the dining room. There's already such a mix in there--contemporary turkish rug, farmhouse table, eames shell chairs, 1970s chinoiserie armoire, giant paper chandelier--it's kind of like finding the last piece in a pretty complex puzzle. But I have a vision. An asian altar table, or asian-inspired console table, in chartreuse. Specific, I know, but it is out there.

This one is perfect. But one of a kind, and no longer available.
Wisteria has one, for a mere $849.

House Eclectic has one, for a (slightly) more reasonable $630.
Did I mention that my budget is $100, tops?


So, I'll need to find an old wood one, and paint it, like this altar table that I found on Decor Pad (not for sale).

Easy, right? Wrong. So far, the Asian import stores that I've tried don't have anything in my price range, and even this one from Pier 1, with a simpler, but workable shape, is out of my budget, for $179 even on sale.

Even if I could stretch my budget, I hate to spend that kind of money at a big box store.

So what's a girl to do?

I found this set on craiglist, and was very tempted, especially since those stools would come in handy. But it reads a little too tiki to me, and they wanted $140, and I've sat on it for a while so it may not even be available any longer.

I continue to stalk craiglist, but if anyone has a good (local) source for asian imports, do tell!

It's lucky that I enjoy the process so much.


  1. I'm not using our green one- in fact it's in the give-away pile for a Monday pick-up. Maybe we try out greyhound freight?

  2. Sara, seriously???
    I'm so surprised that you're not using it--you've always LOVED it. Also, funny timing.
    I would love to look into greyhound freight. Will you tell me the dimensions to see if it would even work? You are becoming my greatest resource, my friend.

  3. Seriously! I'm just happy to find the things I love happy homes. Plus it was a Brooklyn thrift find so of course you should have it.

    It's scratched up an you'd probably want to refinish (not so bad you'd need to immediately) and 29 tall x 18 deep x 60 long. Really lightweight.

  4. Honestly the craigslist one is pretty nice. I bet painted and re-upholstered it would look amazing.

    Too late now. Dis you get your friends? There's a store here in Nashville that carrys them as well but they are a whooping $600! And they are wobbly feeling...


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