Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bare Legged Chairs

[Better Homes and Gardens]

I picked up the current Better Homes and Garden at Wallgreens today (to subscribe or not to subscribe? That is the question), and love this idea for bringing a little color to existing chairs, giving a contrast on the legs of an upholstered piece or halfway up the legs of a wood chair. Like a lady bearing her ankles, or running around in nothing but her socks. It made me think of the Hermann Czech lacquered beech chair,

which I first fell in love with in a story in Domino oh, long about 2006.


With these beauties ringing in around a dime a piece, I might just settle for the DIY version. It's amazing how much cheeky, sexy, attitude just that bit of paint can give an old chair.

It's also kind of like splitting the difference on the raging debate over the classic Hans Wegner wishbone chair, now available in many, many colors.

[Hive Modern]

Classicists say this is a travesty, color lovers can't get enough, I say, have it your way. But I guess I wouldn't give a Wegner ankle socks.

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