Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Occupational Hazard

I bought a pair of these lamps for that surprise makeover I did, but I didn't end up using them.
Leading up to the install, I had two events at my house, and had to put all the boxes and bags and bedding for the makeover in our guest room, instead of the office (and, well, front hall, back hall, and dining room, per usual.)

My mom came to check out the loot just before install, and when she saw these lamps sitting on the side tables, she said "I actually love those right there."  Yeah.  Me too.

And guess what?  When I returned everything else left over form the shoot, it seems I forgot all about these.....

Of course, this means there are now 7 lamps in a room the size of a queen bed, including the wall lights (remember those?).  This just might be overkill.  Surely there is a spot for some of the others elsewhere in the house, right?

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  1. Your bedroom is gorgeous and the headboard is truly stunning. The cabinet that holds the linens is so pretty too.
    Decor Inspiration for your Bedroom


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