Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Visual Comfort Lighting at Home Goods


If you are in need of lamps, get yourself to Home Goods!

Visual Comfort, probably my favorite lighting line, featuring designs from the likes of Thomas O'Brien and Alexa Hampton, suddenly has product popping up in local Home Goods stores.  At around $100 a piece, these are all at the top of the Home Goods price scale, but that's still around the wholesale price--or less.  While it's possible that these guys wound up in a discount center because of a quality issue, it is certainly not apparent.  My favorite thing might be the tapered shades--you can't pick those up at Target, and buying them at a proper lighting store will set you back nearly the cost of one of these entire lamps.

(I want the white ones, above, for myself.)

pretty glass lattice

GORGEOUS royal blue

These remind be of gilded balls of yarn or tumbleweeds.  In gold or silver, there were pairs of each.

Very simple, with beautiful marbles bases--again, a pair.

And two floor lamps.

Locals, these are mostly at the Eden Prairie location, though a few are in St Louis Park.

Go forth and shop!


  1. I wish my HomeGoods had those gorgeous blue lamps. I have just the place for them. PS I just scored a pair of fab blue & white Drexel Heritage lamps at TJ Maxx for the same price!!

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