Monday, February 17, 2014

Spotted: "My" Indian Artwork

Remember when I took a wee step back to re-imagine my dining room?  (The accidental rug arrives this week, by the way, and I am afraid I will hate it.)  The clear favorite of the artwork options in those new dining room boards was a pair of large-scale Indian figures, themselves re-imagined from tiny paintings.

Last week I was looking through some inspiration images with a new client, and I spotted the prints!

Traditional Home, House of Windsor

Layered over my very favorite--leopard print--no less.  And with trimmed out walls.


And who is the genius behind this room?  Peter Dunham, of course, my other style idol (as witnessed here, here, and here!)

At first this made me want the prints more.  But then it made me want them....less?

What do you think?  Are you okay with prints, or do you only want originals around you?


  1. I think the prints are cool. I change everything around my house frequently, so just make sure you like them for the next few years. It's not for life. Right? The image posted is beyond fabulous!

  2. Have always loved Peter Dunham and this amazing room. I say surround yourself with you love whether it's prints, original art or whatever. Just go for it!


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