Wednesday, July 10, 2013

But What Rug?

Ah, yes, I love a good saga, don't you?

In short: the beloved orange trellis rug that was living in the living room felt a little "hot" to me.

It moved upstairs to the rugless girls' room with the idea that I would rather invest in something new for our main living space.

I took this jute rug that had been layered in the guest room,

And put it in the living room temporarily (it's too small).

I like the look but not the size.

Then I lost my mind and ordered the wrong striped rug from Overstock.

It was a great rug and actually pretty good for the space, but did not play nice with the adjoining dining room rug.

Now we are all caught up.

With all the browns in the living room, I'd like something cool on the floor.  Ideally it will work with the existing green and orange accents, though the green chair will likely eventually be recovered.

I was planning to do a custom Indian Dhurrie in wool, probably in a blue and ivory where the blue was more like the blue of my dining room chairs.  One of these patterns (colors are fully customizeable):

But then I spotted this.

Too trendy?  Maybe.  (Less so because of the color, but still.)  I brought home a sample and my just-turned-7-year old said "Mom, I LOVE this swatch."  Because it is super soft and plush, much cozier than jute.

But here's the other thing.  This room is an odd shape/layout because of the L-shaped half-wall fireplace/storage.

This means that it is impossible to have a regular rectangular rug cover the whole floor, making the small space seem smaller than it actually is.  Unless I did something custom in sisal or jute, with a notched corner.  Like this.  (See the corner wrapping the fireplace hearth?)

Usually I don't love the look of an odd shape and I don't like spending money on something so specific (i.e. something that won't work elsewhere.)  But we plan to be in this house for a long time, and a rug that fits that space would make a small living room feel bigger and would help all the off center elements feel more centered.

So....the look/feel of a bohemian blue rug?  Or the function of a larger custom natural rug?  Perhaps I could go for the best of both worlds and find a natural rug with blue or metallic woven in, like the ones below, but that can be made to my space?

I think this post made up my mind for me.  Curious what you all have to say....

Also, for the record, last week I helped a friend moving in to a new house choose paint colors for every room as well as several furniture decisions, all in one day.  At the end of the day my friend said "I can NOT believe how many decisions you just made."  See?  I can be very decisive.  Just not for myself!


  1. Hey girl - hate to enter in with another option, but flor tiles can be made in any shape you want since you can't have a regular size rectangle and they have the most gorgeous soft one now that looks kinda like Moroccan Beni Ourain...check it out - I think it would look great in there and you can't see that they are separate tiles...
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

    1. Elizabeth, I LOVE it when you give me another option! At one point I wanted your white vintage beni to layer over sisal, but ultimately decided it would chop up the room too much.

      And I looked at the FLOR beni, but that was before I magically increased my budget and I counted it out. I should take another look!


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