Monday, July 29, 2013


I don't believe in "styling" your entire home.  For me, there are simply too many surfaces that have a big job to do (coffee tables to hold up feet and drinks, entry tables laden with keys and mail, bookshelves filled with--gasp!--books), and while I love the pretty look of a surface that has been carefully styled, it's just not always realistic.

There: I said it.

But there ARE opportunities for styling.  The top of the dresser in a little-used guest room is a perfect example.

Statement lamp, layered art (large hung, small propped), a stack of boxes to create another vertical, a bowl to soften the edges, and a little frame covered in bits and pieces for that sculptural quality.

Oh, and my early-morning reflection in the artwork for good measure.

Tell me: to style, or not to style?


  1. I agree for the most part. I do have some areas in my home that stay styled because they're little vignettes that don't see much daily action (entry chest and cabinet in main living area). But right now my coffee table is completely empty. Apparently, my dogs like to gnaw on my design books that are usually stacked there if I leave them unattended. Nice!

    Love your styling on this dresser. Layering really does make all the difference!

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