Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Canopy Coloring Sheets

So, you know how my 4-year-old requested bed curtains for Christmas, and was oh-so-let-down by the Ikea netting I got in lieu of sewing custom something-or-others in the days before the holiday?

Well, I was curious what she really wanted.  Not that I'm going to go changing it any time soon, mind you.  But it amazes me what specific ideas children have, and I wanted to know more.

I recently spotted this site, chock full of hardware for every canopy under the sun, on Lindsay's blog.  Because the site won't let me pin these excellent illustrations, I have done what any middle-aged tech repressed mom designer would do: I left the tab open for a couple of weeks.  When I was cleaning out my tabs today, I called the four year old over and asked her what she had really wanted when she requested curtains for her bed.


She basically chose them all.  I think she got a little distracted by all the options (welcome to my world.)  All of a sudden, instead of telling me what she had meant, she was instead telling me what she would like now.

And then she had a brilliant idea.

"Mom."  she said.  "Can I color those?"

And the home decorator coloring sheets were born.


Don't you love that she created her own patterned fabric?  I love the orange and white silhouette floral, and really can't get over that porter-teleo style swirl on the melon colored curtain.  Not to mention the block-print quilt and trimmed out bolsters under the green canopy.  Love.

I would make you some free printables or whatever, but if I figured out how to print these out, so can you.

And if you gorwn-ups want to use them yourselves?  Well, I won't judge.


  1. I love the melon with black squiggles. Is that a black framed mirror above the headboard?

    1. Poppy, I didn't even notice that! I'll have to ask her what it's meant to be....

  2. Well that's very Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before.


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