Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Banishing the temporary

I wrote the other week about the problem with temporary items that come in to our homes: namely, that they become permanent.

While I try to avoid this situation, I have been known to succumb.  The biggest temporary-item problem in my current house?  The white vinyl roller shades in the upstairs bedrooms.  When we bought the house, I thought the window treatments were staying, so I was surprised to find myself with bare windows upstairs.  In order to get my kids to sleep on time in a different timezone and in the midst of summer, I ran to Home Depot, paid $30 a piece, and came home with White. Vinyl.  Roller shades.

In the girls room, I did what I could, block printing them into something quite cute, actually.  In the guet room I simply ignored them.  What I really wanted?  Bamboo blinds.  I love them.  I have pretty much always had them in every home ever.  And I knew that at the size I needed they were custom, and therefore expensive.

Or were they?

I recently discovered, thanks to Bryn Alexandra's blog, that overstock.com stocks bamboo blinds in virtually every size imaginable, and in many color to boot.  I used my birthday money from my mother-in-law and had a pair on their way in no time.

 (To remember the "before," go here)

So much better.

(Do you like that my 6-year old has already entered her "goth" phase?  And that her hair sticks up like she never washes it?)

I chose to put the same type in both of the bedrooms for continuity, and chose a light tone similar to the wood trim to keep the blinds from becoming a new element.  While I was trying with all my might to ignore the old shades, I am so happy that I was able to banish the temporary solution for the permanent fix.

Until they break, that is.  I will admit, you get what you pay for.


  1. They look great! I've bought similar bamboo blinds from Overstock and they've served me well. No problem with breaking--so maybe this is an instance where it doesn't take a major investment to get something good!

  2. Oh, Heather, they look great! I'm a huge fan of bamboo shades as well - had them in my last house, but not here yet as I was afraid of the expense. But thanks for sharing the Overstock option.

    And thanks for coming by and commiserating about my broken toe - our lives are definitely sounding parallel! Love that Chin Hua desk. So cool that your parents have one too!

  3. I love Bamboo shades and have for a long time. Love the texture they add. I got mine at Home Depot and never had a problem with them! And my daughter is 14 and fully embracing the goth thing. Hoping that's a phase...


  4. Heather,
    new bamboo blinds look fab!! And I so agree about temporary furnishings but I break that rule all the time!! I promise to do better. And the hair do is too cute!!

  5. I love Bamboo shades as well.. They warm up every room they're added to.
    Other than Overstock, you can also try JCPenney.. Their custom sizes are a steal as well and their Pecan color is perfect!


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