Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The dominoes keep tumbling (occupational hazard # 231)

I will share something useful with you some day soon.  Promise.

But for now, let's continue on my recent journey to rearrange my living room, shall we?

So, I painted the fireplace wall.  Then I inherited this beautiful behemoth.  Next I started to consider a natural, more neutral rug. and just this weekend I upholstered a top for the bench by the fireplace.

Well, the other day I was helping this friend (and client) sourcing accent tables and ottomans for her living room and family room.  We were liking the Target knock off of a Panton table (that Erin write about here), but couldn't find details (like measurements) online.

Then I remembered:  not only did I have one of the tables in my trunk (for this client), but my friend and I havebasically the same couch--this one, in different colors and lengths.

So like any good friend/ crazy designer, I brought the table in to see if it would work with the couch.  The verdict: no go to use two as a coffee table (too tall), but they sure are fabulous as side tables!  When I was at Target this weekend I bought a second one (on clearance already!?!) and have been testing them out.

With a rug swatch, naturally.

It's a pretty big shift from the solid tables I'm so used to (remember?).  So we'll see.

It's funny how making one change in a nearly-finished room can lead to reconsidering everything.  Has this ever happened to you?

P.S.  Hi all you new followers, thanks so much for being here!!  Am I scaring you with this nonsense of late? I hope you'll stick around....


  1. Are you kidding me? That's all I seem to do - change one thing, then the rest must follow. Dominoes indeed! And I love those little Platner-esque Target side tables. I almost grabbed one the other day. Might have to go back if they're on sale!


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