Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Masculine Living Room

I've noticed that I have found myself more and more drawn to masculine interiors lately.  I even have a little pre-pinterest image file on my computer called "Masculine" (they are starting to make their way to a pinterest board called Masculine).  I love the work of Robert Stilin, which to me, is the perfect masculine mix: tonal palettes, worn in leather, architectural shapes, plenty of wood.

Most of my clients are women, so I am thrilled to be working on a more masculine space with a male client.  While his is more conservative and traditional, it has been fun to think about a similar mix of elements.

We will work with an existing charcoal chenille couch and a pair of club chairs in a grey and copper print.  I'm loving the mix of textures--beat up leather armchair, hide rug, velvet curtain panels, leather mirror accents, hammered metal coffee table, and stone-finish lamps.

Can't wait to see it come together!

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  1. Very cool inspiration board. What man (or woman) wouldn't love relaxing in a room like that?


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