Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boys room REVEAL!

Yesterday I told you I would have something useful someday soon.
And then I got photos from afar, revealing how this:


Became this!

And this, too!

We still need to hang art, tweak details, etc, and I can't wait to go out there next month to finish up.  But it is already such a big change, and so danged cute, I just had to share.

That little orange table and chairs is in the space, too, in a little nook I didn't show you yet--cause it's not finished.

I was just about to wish you a happy weekend.  Then I realized that only in Minnesota are all the children home from school for the next two days.


  1. It's amazing! A perfect blend of exotic and cute and modern and sharp. The green bed is my fave.. Love it!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  2. The green trim is fun!! Love that map too!

  3. So good - love the green, too!

  4. Heather, it's wonderful!! I'm sure the little man who lives here must love it.

  5. 4 bedrooms in this house and Daniel's room is our most favorite of them all. It is PERFECT and gives all of us (most importantly, Daniel) such happiness. That map rocks.

  6. Love the room, can you tell me where you found the shelves?


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