Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage Shopping Tip

I wrote a long post a long time ago chock full of tips on vintage shopping, which you can check out here if you are so inclined.

I have something to add, especially for online and long distance shopping.  Ready?


It seems obvious, and yet sellers make it real hard.  Have you noticed how often craigslist sellers fail to include measurements in their descriptions?  Vintage sellers, you know what would be an awesome added bonus (in addition to listing measurements)?  Photographing your items in context of other items that can give a sense of scale.

To wit.

I recently found this amazing set of 8 vintage '70s Danish dining chairs for a client.

Love at first sight.

But guess what?  No measurements.  And when we got them from the seller, it turned out these gorgeous chairs are practically child-sized.  If they had been photographed with a dining table, we would have known from the get-go that they are barely the height of a table.  And the seats are only 2 inches wider than a set of child chairs I have from Ikea.

I'm curious: have you ever purchased something from photos and been surprised by the scale when it arrives?  It can happen!


  1. Several of my clients have purchased antique dining tables that have aprons that come down under the tabletop and don't realize that modern chair seats are 18-20" high. When people sit there sometimes their thighs are pressed up against the low apron! But I have learned never to buy anything without extensive measurements and back and forth contact with the seller! It's a must!
    -e (

  2. wow crazy the chairs look great in the pic above


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