Monday, February 13, 2012

New(ish) product

Kind of loving the Genevieve Gorder rugs.  Have you seen them?  Especially perfect with kids rooms on the brain.  Not that you couldn't use these in grown up spaces, too.

Kind of loving that green and white number in the third row down.

What do you think?  Are you more (or less) likely to go for one of these because they have Genevieve's name on them?  Or are you more like, Genevieve Gorder, who is THAT?


  1. I love them! I would use them anywhere and they're actually a decent price.

  2. Ha ha! That name doesn't play into it one way or the other for me. I share you enthusiasm for that green rug!

  3. I also don't care what name is on a piece if it is well priced and different...thanks for the new resource!
    xoxo e (


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