Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Contrast back

Have you noticed the interesting trend towards patchwork these days?  It feels like I'm seeing a lot of upholstery where every little part is a different fabric or color.  Bohemian, I suppose, but a little much for my taste.

But two fabrics on one piece?  That can be perfection.  Looking around for some inspiration images for a client, I notice that Katie Ridder is the master of the two-tone dining chair.  Check it out:

A detail of the contrast welt (you know I will never argue with raspberry, cobalt, and chartreuse.  No, not ever.)

 And this pair is fun--same room, different styling.  Even the lighting makes a difference, with the top image looking much more contrasty.

What do you think?  Would you pair a contrast fabric on the back of your dining chairs?

Photos: katieridder.com


  1. Yes! I love that trick. It spices the chair up. Very fun!

  2. Totally digging the first dining room!

  3. Katie Ridder IS the queen of that, isn't she?! I have her book and love looking through her rooms for inspiration. I think that last dining room might even be her very own. And she's obviously a fan of that style of chair as well. I've got a host and hostess chair that are very similar and have thought about doing the same thing.


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