Monday, December 5, 2011

Zebra that isn't zebra

Thanks for all of your comments on Friday's post--I'm so excited about my finds!

I was also inspired by my little zebra print to bring you this little round up.

If you love the look of zebra, but don't want the real thing, you have options.

Zebra-print cowhide:

zebra print cowhide rug

Hand-hooked rugs:

Jonathan Adler, $999

Zebra Shaped Rug

Ballard used to have a needlepoint version, which appears to have been replaced by this hooked one.  Ballard Designs, $199.

and now, Flor offers their own take, in solids.  $278.


Super fun, right?

and, by the way, if you want animal print but not animal shape, Horchow has a TON of options.  Here.

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  1. I like that flor version, a bit more subtle, but still witty... have to read fridays post about your finds now!


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