Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanks, and a random clever idea

Funny story: I accidentally posted this on my other blog earlier.  Oops!  It's actually kind of funny that that has never happened before.  When I went to add a tag, I couldn't figure out why :DIY ideas" did not pop up as I typed the first letters."  That would be because my mom blog does not have a tag for DIY ideas.

Second, thanks so much to Carrie at Hazardous Design for passing along the "Versatile Blogger" award to yours truly.  This award comes with the requirement of sharing 7 things about yourself.  You can check mine out here, then you will know way too much about me.

And third, here's a random, clever idea.

I was at a client's not too long ago to take photos of a bunch of art walls I hung in her home, and she showed me this.

They collected various man hole covers that were no longer in use, and installed them as pavers to make a little patio outside their walk-out basement.


Hope you're having a good week, all.

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