Monday, October 10, 2011

Summers Last Gasp: Classic goes girly

Still holding steady with the summery weather--and with these summer houses that I am loving.

This one is from Better Homes and Gardens, design DD Allen, photo John Bessler.

Don't you love when homeowners have super amazing vintage cars that go along with the aesthetic of their house?  (My experience in magazines tells me it is not always their car.  Does that make you feel better?  How about this: we have this amazing, clean-lined modern house, and parked right out front are a white ford Taurus and a beige Buick Century.  Mismatch?  Uh-huh.  But we're super grateful for the hand-me down cars!)

Loving the cool grey, pale blush pink, warm natural wood, and crisp black and whites.

That sunny pop of yellow is great against the more washed-out blue-green cabinets, don't you think?

The textures are so great in the living room.

And some of my favorite colors, all in one view: pink, chartreuse, and that green and orange in the next room.

Are you still holding on to summer, like I am?  Or have you jumped into fall?

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  1. We are definitely in the midst of rainy, grey fall here in Vancouver. Summer seems like a very distant memory but I love that you're able to hang on for a bit. What an amazing and cosy house. I love all the bright colours together and they don't look girly at all.


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