Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The 99%

Have you been following Occupy Wall Street?  It's been a little hard to do with the media silence, but more and more is coming out as the protests grow.  I saw a tumblr site last night with images of people holding out papers on which they've written their stories of financial struggles, and I found it so compelling.

I have lived two months without gas in my home.
I have eaten only instant mashed potatoes for nearly half of the summer. 
I don’t need HD cable television to survive. 
I am the 99%   occupywallstreet.org

Reading these stories of "The 99%" I am reminded how fortunate I am.  As we start and grow two small businesses in a bad economy, we are probably in the most financially precarious position of our married lives, yet we have so much more than so many.  We were lucky to have the savings and support to take this on and to strive for the life we want.

This is a decorating blog, and I am reminded that such a thing is a luxury.  That so many people struggle just to keep their homes while we spend money decorating ours.  I do believe that homes we love can improve the qualities of our lives, and that if we can afford it it can be a good investment.  I feel privileged to be chosen to help some of you do that.

Feeling some perspective today, hope you don't mind.  I'm curious about other reactions to what's going on on Wall Street.


  1. I dont have a smart answer but i will say this, I fell really guilty sometimes. That while so much is going on out in the world, my brothers dying the homeless not eating and family's losing their jobs. I'm here worried about what color to slap on the walls. Often time I just want to say screw it and stop blogging. But i always go back to making my home a better place. Then again we try and do are part and help. Its not much but its something. I'm hoping that when I get back to work we can do more for others. Thats all we can do. Besides pray.

  2. that tumblr is very moving. i read every post for three days straight. it isn't that i didn't know what elements make up the problem (rising school debt, interest rates, upside down mortgages, health insurance cruelties) but seeing it people's own handwriting really makes it more immediate and practical. basically the system was designed to herd everyone into a pen with the expectation of finding their needs better taken care of. then it turned out the supplies inside the pen were removed by the herders and oh, yeah, the pen is on a cliff. so many people were herded that it is too late for those already in to get out. the momentum forces us all to the brink.

    i'm doing okay. but i definitely see that applying some restraint would really be valuable to my extended family.


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