Thursday, May 14, 2015


There is a room at my parent's house that started life as a sewing room (once upon a time my mom made most of our clothes as well as countless Christmas gifts and Cabbage Patch wardrobes), morphed into a dance room (for about 2 decades my parents have been ballroom and country dancers), and then, sort of reluctantly, half accidentally, into a playroom for their six grandchildren.

As such, it ended up with a bunch of random pieces--a folding table for art, some awesome but misplaced chrome shelves that don't do much for storing toys, a fun but too-small rug, some
Christmas decorations that are too large to store elsewhere.  (I will save the "before" photos for another time.)

Last fall, leading up to Thanksgiving, we talked about doing it up.  The basement has a grey base with tones of red, hot pink, turquoise, royal blue, and black, so I used that palette and put together some possibilities with inexpensive pieces that were nonetheless an upgrade, all kid friendly, but not an eye sore.

Guess what?  We never did anything with it, but my mom asked me about the shelving the other day, and I dug up these boards.

I forgot that I even took profile photos of all the kids over Thanksgiving so I could make the silhouettes for the wall above the table.

Mom: let's do it?


Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you!


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