Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Art

Filling a large wall can be tricky--you generally need either a lot of small pieces, a pair of large pieces, or one REALLY big work to make a statement.  Problem is, all of those strategies add up, money-wise.

I was recently looking for wall-defining art for my brother and sister-in-law, and came across a number of pieces not right for them but that I felt I couldn't pass without comment.

All of these are extra large (at least one side over 5'), and all $1000 or under.  Obviously $1000 is still plenty of dough, but it's really not a lot for a wall-sized artwork that will make your space.

(you know I would want this for my dining room if I didn't already have Nai Nai)

We're thinking about letting the girls have their own rooms--and some of the design schemes would leave me with a big wall to fill.  Keeping my eye on these!

Hope your holiday weekend was refreshing!

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