Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sneak peek of the cutest girl's room in town

It is possible that I love this room a little too much.  We are waiting on a few little odds and ends, and then I'll show you the whole shebang!

These were the original boards.  We mostly went for number 2, but with some tweaks.

I will say, this is one happy nine year old.


  1. Love it - so light, pretty and fun. I would be a happy 9-year-old too!

  2. Having seen it in person (and hearing about it from my own 10yo!) I can attest that this room is even more adorable in real life. Looking forward to the grand reveal!

  3. I would love it too! Can't wait to see it all...plus I am curious as to what color that is on the walls?!

  4. Oh no...I was going to send you pictures of Zoe's room tomorrow, which was my favorite girl's room until now! :) WHAT are those butterflies?!

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Wall color is, pretty sure, Benjamin Moore Carried Away (there were two we liked, other was Spring Breeze). So pretty and light.

    Butterflies are from an etsy seller. So cute. Available in tons of paper colors/patterns.

    And Sheila, I can't WAIT to see Zoe's room! I'm sure it's super cute.



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