Monday, April 29, 2013

A colorful Art Wall

There is an episode of Design Star that I often think of in my work.

After a big reveal, the homeowner says something like "I love it!  It's just what I imagined!"  The homeowner appears thrilled and the designer is thrilled, but judge Genevieve Gorder gives her a withering look and corrects her. "A designer's job is not to give a client just what they imagined.  It is to give them something they never COULD have imagined."

I hung an art wall on Friday, and I was very pleased when my client said just that: that they loved the results and could never have imagined it themselves.

I first met with this client last fall, and it was fun to come back and see all my suggested changes implemented, from paint to floor plan.  They have collected some wonderful treasures over years of travel, including the Mexican rug and chair that are now in the living room.  (I wish I had a proper before shot!)

In my mind, this art wall is a great example of "buy what you love and it will work together."  They have been drawn to a particular style and consistent color palette, and but the pieces were spread through the house a bit willy nilly.  When I laid out all the pieces together, they made a much stronger impact than each piece on its own.  Even the frames were the right mix for a collected vibe--mostly black or raw wood.  (The temple photo in the silver frame will get a black frame to better blend in.)

The big painting on the right was a wedding present more than 40 years ago, and has been used in many ways, including as a coffee table!

This was such a lovely way to end the week.

Happy Monday, folks.


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