Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I have to say, getting back into the swing of blogging is harder than I expected!  I have lots of stuff to update you on--client work, projects around the house, new sources, etc--but sitting my butt down in the chair every night, well, that habit was easy to break.

Enter Kai from Love in Idleness, saving me with a Liebster award.

I am going to skip most of the rules.  I'm not going to post 11 random facts about myself (you can see 7 here.)  I'm not going to tag 11 more bloggers.  But I AM going to answer Kai's 11 questions, which I found to be awfully fun.


1. What is you favorite black and white movie?
Band a la Part

2. Do you sing (loudly) while driving?  Windows up or down?  People in the car or not?
Yes!  Windows down, unless I'm in the city; then up to spare my driving neighbors, especially when I am singing this.

And in terms of company, only if I'm driving with my favorite girlfriends, and we've got this going on.

3.  What was the most useless class you took in school?

4. What was your best thrift shop score?
A red and white polka dot vintage Yves San Laurent bustier.  It wasn't so much the price as the YOWZA.

5.  Are there more animals in your house than people?
No!  We are a no-animal household.  Though my daughter once tried to trade her (allergic) dad for a cat.

6. What is your least favorite chore?
I pretty much skip the chores I loathe.  I do all the recycling, but I make my husband break down cardboard.

7. When you go on vacation, would you rather drive or fly?
It's the journey.  I am a fan of and believer in the good old fashioned road trip, and I am an expert long-distance driver. (My record: New Mexico to New York in one trip, solo, no stops beyond gas and drive- through.)  That said, sometimes it's the destination.  Flights required.

8.  What is your TV guilty pleasure?
Smash.  But I'm not all that guilty: I'll sing it from the rooftops.

9. What is your favorite thrifty savings tip?
Figure out the sales cycle, and wait.  (e.g. West Elm always has 20% off of something--it's just a matter of being patient until the category you are coveting--bedding?  dining?--gets its turn.)

10.  Do you follow recipes when you cook, or just wing it?
Recipes.  Although I am getting much better at substituting and improvising within a recipe--for a control freak like me, those are some excellent baby steps!  And I am an expert meal-planner, which helps.

11. Why do you like blogging?
Kai snuck a doozy in at the end, didn't she?  I always say that my job has two parts that feed each other: decorating and blogging, and that I wouldn't be happy with only one or the other.  As a writer, blogging provides and outlet and an audience.  As an isolated work-from-home type, it provides a sense of community (and some lovely friends!)

Thanks Kai!

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  1. Thanks for responding, Heather - I totally forgot to actually inform people that I nominated them. I'm not the biggest fan of these awards, but it does give some helpful blog fodder sometimes, right?

    BTW, I love Band of Outsiders!


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