Friday, April 19, 2013

En Suite Bath

I hope you're enjoying a little peak in to this process.

So, every client is different.  Usually when they get their range of looks, there is one clear favorite and one or two small changes.  (Maybe they loved a lamp from a different board, or want to swap throw pillows.)

This was a case where the client had two favorites--glam and bohemian--and when we took the best of both, it added up to something way too grown up for a 5 year old.  So additional tweaks were in order, and we landed here:

The client loved those Robert Abbey table lamps, and while they had been on my short list, they didn't make it into any of the looks.  Their shine and sharp angles combined with the X of the bench legs and the nightstand legs meant we needed something round--enter the drum shade pendant with glass orbs--and something soft--the textured bedding.  A strong solid on the lamp meant breaking up the solid on the x bench , so the geometric pattern moves there.  Then we frame it all out with pretty navy border bedding, and a tiny-scale navy animal print on a custom bulletin board (not shown.)

So fun.  The client is managing the install herself, in stages.  Hoping to have room shots one day.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom.

I put the "love" textile on the window, and can't you just die for that vintage art screenprint?  It's hard to tell, but it is navy on white, with pink sunglasses.

All in all, a room that works now but will not be outgrown, well, ever!  She'll get bored of it first.  In, like, a decade.

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