Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making a pretty bed without a pile of pillows

I'm sensing a pillow backlash.

I've heard a lot of complaints lately about the impracticality of extra pillows on a bed (some of them, yes, from my husband).  Apparently people no longer want to go to the trouble of swapping out the "pretty" pillows for the "real" pillows, and I get it: you might want to use your underbed storage to store something other than decorative pillow forms.

At the same time, we want our beds to look nice, yes?

I have a simple solution: pretty pillow cases and useable shams.  My favorite formula is to use two standard pillows on each side of the bed (or king pillows on a king bed), with a single decorative pillow in front.

Pillow cases are both less expensive than other bedding and tend to wear out faster, needing more frequent replacement.  If you keep your bedding neutral and have fun with the shams and cases, you can make over your room as often as you want without breaking the bank.

The key? Choose pillowcases you can actually sleep on and that wash easily. Buy a couple of sets to mix and match. I actually have a bunch of sets that can mostly all go in any bedroom in my house, giving me endless possibilities.

I've been digging up tons of great options, and will share a bunch of combos all week long. Next in the series of "amazing and afforable" round ups.

What do you think: do you keep it simple with your bed pillows?


  1. I am a pillow girl, Heather. But, I agree with you that buying lots of pillow cases is the answer. I enjoy buying interesting patterns, colors and embrodiary cases on sale.

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  3. I have been wondering lately why I find having so many pillows necessary. The only reason I can come up with at the moment is that I saw it on Pinterest and I use about 6 to sleep (hint: I'm pregnant!). Great post!

  4. You can make pretty bed without pile of items. Good post


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