Friday, May 11, 2012

Bedroom Makeover for $7.99

My bedroom is mostly, sort of, kind of done.

It's the room that has gotten the least attention but felt the most finished from the get-go, just based on using what I already had.

Right now it looks kind of like this.

I think the last time you saw it, it actually looked like this.

It's fine.  But as I itch for summery decorating, the bold floral on the duvet is feeling a bit heavy.  Let me just say, I LOVE this bedding.  It is Dwell Studio for Target and when it debuted, Brooklyn sold out in a heartbeat.  My mom bought it in Minneapolis where it was aplenty and mailed it to me.  But that was oh, five or six years ago?  This is now the third house that we used it in.

In use in Brooklyn:
(honestly, I can't believe I didn't immediately stage up the room and send my mom a photo.  So I will force you to look at my adorable family instead of a plain and barren room.)

That's my 5 year old when she was 2, pretending to talk on the phone, and my 3 year old as a 2-month old.

And layered in Boulder:

So it's like a bedding love story.  (I wrote a love story to my bed upon leaving it in Brooklyn.)

I didn't even realize I had been thinking about change until I walked in to Pottery Barn for bedding for a client and walked out with this.

Bungalow Paisley Bolster Pillow Cover

A giant floral/paisley bolster, on sale for $7.99.  (They have them online with free shipping, too.)  All my favorite colors.  totally in with the whole-house color palette.  And so, this weekend, my bed will be getting a little makeover.  The trick?  I can't spend any more money.  Not a dime.

Totally doable, don't you think?  The mind reels.

Have a great weekend --celebrate your awesome mom--and come check out the makeover on Monday!

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  1. Love your old bedding, so pretty and I totally LOVE the new pillow and it's pretty flowers and color. Can't wait to see the new redo. Hugs, Marty


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