Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Huge Thing

Do you use pinterest?

Do you learn new things about your taste and interest when you look back on what you have pinned?

Apparently I like when there is one overscale item in a room.  It can be anything--art, lighting, floor to ceiling curtains--it's all about the drama.

[Lonny] Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Of course, you have to be careful not to dwarf everything else, but one large item can make up for a deficiency in scale elsewhere in the room. In my dining room, we had proper-size furnishings but a too-small table. (It was custom made by my father in law for our tiny Brooklyn kitchen.)

See how dinky the table looks, even with bigger chairs?  Not working.  We love the table, so in order to make it work I filled the space with the ubiquitous Maskros pendant and went tall and full on the curtains.

This would not have worked, however, without the big, 9x12 rug, which grounds the whole space.  And I should say that, unlike the inspiration images, this is more about balance--big light, big art, big armoire, big curtains.

What do you think: do you like a room with one big thing?

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  1. I completely agree. Every room needs a statement piece and right now I love statement making art and lighting...perfect examples!! Thrilled to be your newest follower ~

  2. Yes! I love large lighting or art and you are completely right that it nicely balances out a space.

  3. Love those chairs. They have such a natural/whimsical/beachy feel to them and make the space so inviting. furniture stores in jonesboro ar Yes, please!


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