Friday, May 25, 2012

Wishful Thinking

I fell asleep reading the new House Beautiful last night, and this was my dream:

I was a contestant on Design Star and we were staying in the tallest building I have ever seen.  There was a pool on the roof deck, and we were up there for the first challenge, which had something to do with rugs.  I got a runner so long it didn't fit across the deck and I had to roll it down a long hallway.  Another contestant couldn't find her rug and it turned out I had covered it completely.

The roof deck also had a view of the mountains where people were skiing.  We all surmised that we were in Vermont.  Taking a bus tour to our second challenge, we passed a sign for Nederland and I realized we were in Colorado.  I hatched a plan to ditch out and go see my friends Justin and Amy in Boulder.

Digging in my wallet for cab fair, I found a bunch of uncashed checks to my business.  There was about $25K in design fees that I had forgotten all about.  I decided that this was such a surprise bonus, it would be okay for me to get grasscloth wallpaper for my fireplace wall and upstairs hallway.

I started to write a blogpost about accidentally sabotaging a fellow contestant on design star and saw that I had 165 followers.  This is funny because that is still a pretty tiny following by many standards, but I was freaking out with excitement.  In the dream, I apparently was steady at 145 followers, so 165 meant 20 were new.  I figured out who they were and sent each one of them an email thanking them for coming along for the ride.

I'm not sure I need to dig out my old dream dictionary to interpret this one!

Have a very happy long weekend!

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