Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anthropologie rug: the look for less

I have always loved the Anthro "festival" rug.

But I don't love the price tag. At $998 for an 8x10, it certainly isn't crazy, but when you are doing a whole house (or even a whole room), the price tags add up.

Check out a similar rug from NuLoom.

You can find it right now at rugstudiousa where a 7'6" x 9'6" is only $425.60 (sale price).

Noe, I do believe that you get what you pay for, and the big difference here (besides the slightly murkier color palette from nuloom) is the way the rug is made.  The anthro rug is a quite detailed crewelwork construction, while the nuLoom appears to be machine tufted.

Either way, though, you get that bohemian look at a good price.


  1. Beautiful example Heather, I love this rug as well. It is also great to see High VS Low examples!

    Art by Karena

  2. The design looks great. You can have this in the living room and it will be the center of attention.

  3. I agree. I like the idea of putting this kind of rug on a wooden floor. I would love to have this on the timber flooring Perth that I have in my house. It would surely look gorgeous along with my furniture.

  4. Your rugs look nice. Sometimes when you have a floating floor installation, you still need to protect them with rugs or carpets. It is best to buy something affordable yet has a nice design.

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