Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage, Lately

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new phone.  I've never been much of a cell phone gal, but it was becoming increasingly clear that I could not come home every time I needed to check my email.  So I joined the smartphone revolution.

My husband is a bit of a tech nerd to my luddite, so he (gleefully) did the research.  He kept asking me questions about 3G versus 4G and I kept asking him "does it have a camera?  Can I email the pictures to my clients?"  Yes, I know that all smartphones have this capability, but seriously that was my major requirement.

Unlike my last phone, I also know how to upload the pictures from this one, and it's fun after a day around town to see what I snapped.

Here's a glimpse at some vintage finds I scouted for various projects last week.

I would love to do a whole wall of these amateur anatomy drawings (plant and animal), either in thin black frames or just tacked up.  I love that they are graded--and in red pen!

Funny poster

Gorgeous low boy

Cute desk chairs. (I would recover the seats)

Love the spindle arms.  Only $40

Surely this is a cool DIY installation just waiting to happen.

Awesome chandelier--almost a go for a client's dining room.

Crazy pendant made out of wire mesh and a shade frame.

Maybe verdigris will come back with neon and other 80s fodder?  Great shape on these sconces.

Amazing little table

Beautiful crystal lamps--so cute in a little girls' room.

Beautiful, unique, and big chinoiserie panel

(all from various shops in the 50th and xerxes area, for any locals.)

My husband keeps trying to teach me how to play angry birds (sorry, not interested.)  And I have never used an app.  Phones are just not my thing.  But I am trying to use this expensive tool and get my money's worth, so tell me: what are your favorite apps?  (The phone is an android something or other, if that matters to answer this question.)

Inching onto the bandwagon....


  1. I got an iphone a few months back and it does make life so much easier. Lots of fun apps too but still have much to learn. I absolutely adore those anatomy drawings - and I can see your vision with the simple black frames!

  2. Greetings from a fellow luddite. I have had an iPhone since they came out and I still use it almost exclusively for phone calls, emails, texts, photos and the occasional web browsing. I've been meaning (for years) to make better use of it.
    I will say that my favorite new app is Stitcher Smart Radio. I've only listened to NPR podcasts of Fresh Air, This American Life, The Moth, etc., but it has so much more. A perfect companion on a long walk.

  3. #1 i cannot believe you YOU have an android phone. this makes no sense.
    #2 TripleTown
    #3 DrawSomething (pictionarry online)


  4. Hi Heather! I recently became a smartphone user myself and it's a lot to get used to - my old phone was top-of-the-line circa 1997, we didn't even have text. I haven't downloaded too many apps on my android yet, but here are a few I like and use frequently (all are free because I'm cheap):

    Checkmark (make to-do lists that you can organize by date or project)

    A Craigslist app - so I don't miss any great deals.

    FixMyQ - I'm a diehard Netflix user with a huge queue, but don't have a lot of time to watch movies right now. I love this app because you can sort movies by when they're going to be removed from the instant queue so you know what to watch next.

    Shopping List - I organize my lists by store. You can further organize your grocery list by section of the store. You can check if you have coupons, keep track of prices, and send your list to your husband if he's at the store. It's a green shopping cart icon.

    By the way, I love those finds - especially that chandelier!


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