Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY wallpaper

Sometimes I need to let things percolate for a long time.  Especially in my own house: I am here all the time, and sometimes one needs to step away for perspective.

Just this morning, I was sitting in my girls' room singing wake up songs and looking absent mindedly into their bathroom, and my mind wandered to the stripes I have been planning to paint in there, and for the first time maybe ever, I thought to myself, Stripes?  Stripes?  I don't know.

(As an aside, we went to a dinner Friday night with three families.  Out of the 6 grown ups and 6 children, only 3 people were NOT wearing stripes.  My family of four had at least 5 striped items--my 3 year old likes to layer stripe on stripe.)

I would like pattern in there.  I can't afford wallpaper.  I already used the block-printing on a different project in their room.  Trolling my own pinterest pages, I was reminded of this.

Isn't that rose wall just the cutest thing?  From a designsponge sneak peek.  These guys took a cell phone picture of a rose covered wallpaper at a Kate Spade store, printed it out a bunch of times, used a plain old glue stick to put them on the walls in a random pattern, and basically decoupaged over it with a diluted glue solution.

People are geniuses, I tell you.  Geniuses.

(Don't hold your breath that I'm doing this any time soon.  I'm just feeling inspired in the moment!)

Happy Tuesday.


  1. This is kind of brilliant. Really gets the creative juices flowing.

  2. Hold on a sec. Is this to say that the disco ball is not genius too!?

  3. That looks really cool. Thanks for sharing the updates here on the same


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