Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking it one step farther

I posted some stripey possibilities yesterday for my girls' bathroom, but there's one more thing I can't seem to get out of my mind.

Loose, imperfect, hand-drawn stripes.

Collecting images these past few weeks, I couldn't help but fall for these painterly interpretations.

Lovely ribbon spotted over at Design Dump

The Delavan Stripe fabric from Rubie Green (Rubie Green is the eco-friendly fabric line from Lonny Editor Michele Adams; I've always assumed this stripe is named for decorator and former Domino design guru Tom Delavan,  She was an assistant there, after all.)

But when translating this to the walls, I worry about ending up with a sloppy mess.  But look, I see two possible ways to carry it off!

By simply painting semi-regular stripes in white over an existing paint color, the room above is painterly without being sloppy.  The sharp silhouette and stark color of the black lamp sure doesn't hurt, either.  What you might need: a 3-inch roller and a wobbly hand.

Spotted in country Living this month, these stripes are more random in their width and the way they repeat.  Somehow the washed effect of the paint (as opposed to a solid-looking stripe in a latex-based paint) keeps the mood super romantic, and almost bohemian-country.  (Can that be a thing?  THAT would be a mash up!)  What you might need: various sizes painters tape, water-based paint, and a dragging tool.

I love a modern aesthetic, but I have a traditional backbone, and somehow the clean lines of my house always seem to be TOO clean.  Instead of honoring them I'm always trying to soften them.  Rustle 'em up a bit.  Maybe this would be a good way to do that?  And if you can't experiment in an upstairs bathroom for kids, where can you?

So.  NOW any preferences?

I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I couldn't help loving the greek key background on the first picture. I think you should give the hand drawn stripes a try and if you don't like it, you can always start over!

  2. The subtle wash from CL is great...I'd love to see your take on this striped wall look!

  3. I love the look of the gray and white stripe...hand painted and a little wobbly looks fabulous!!

  4. I love the look and think it would be a great look for a little girl's bathroom. I think you need to make sure you go really wobbly so it doesn't look you just did a sloppy job on straight lines:) BTW, I will totally take you up on the offer to pass on the info on the real deal dye. Thanks Heather!


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