Monday, January 16, 2012

Fabric Fun (A project update)

Remember this living room update?

We've shifted the color scheme a bit.  The husband felt the yellow rug got a little lost on the wood floor, and the wife had a hankering for raspberry (which, of course, I will never argue with).  We're keeping the mix of diamonds on the curtains and large-scale floral for an accent, but here's the new grouping (the grey couch doesn't change).

The raspberry diamonds will be panels on two sets of windows, the small-scale turquoise cut velvet upholstery goes on the pair of Danish chairs (those are going to be ADORABLE), the floral gets piped in that teal linen on 2 20" squares, and the lighter metallic gray will go on a bigger chair (yet to be found.)  The new rug is an ivory shag with lots of different textures, Safavieh but found at Home Goods.  Walls are light grey.

Can't wait to get these fabrics ordered and get this transformation up and running!


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