Friday, January 27, 2012

If money was no object: Chandelier

I like budgets.

(Okay, I don't necessarily like following them.)

In project management, I like that budgets tell the complete story of what you are planning to do.  I like that they require choices.  In decorating, I often feel that because a limitless budget means limitless choices, it would be impossible to start anywhere.  My own home, which I love, is the product of the ingenuity that comes from the more limited choices of smaller budgets.

But my blog friend Elizabeth recently posted about the pieces she would choose if budget was no object, and it has stuck in my head.  Without being limited by dollars, going totally on what I love, what would I choose?

And so, a new series.

I'm starting with the one definitive thing that popped into my head:  The crystal ship chandelier.

First spotted in Muriel Brandolini's living room, and blogged here.

It may also be familiar from this post, "if I could steal someone's living room."

And look, here are more.

Elle Decor

Yup, no question about it.  If money was no object, I would have a crystal ship in my dining room.
Do you have a favorite chandelier?  Remember, money is no object!


  1. Heather - I am sure those are 20k chandeliers, but there used to be lots of cheaper versions! Try:

    Elizabeth (modern24seven)

  2. Great photos. You did have a great shots of the rooms and that you got to emphasize the beauty of the room through the natural light from the outside.


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