Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Home Goals

OH, boy.

Over the past year or so, I've seen a number of bloggers post their home to-do lists.  I find them interesting to read, actually, and I have thought about posting my own.  Nothing like a sense of accountability to keep you on track, yes?  And then I just saw the goals link up at The Nester, so I figured, what the heck?

I often think about my own projects in terms of the short term, longer term, and waaaaay on the horizon.

Short term: I may have already purchased supplies, basically know what I want to do, and just have to do it.

Longer Term:  I see a problem and am ruminating on solutions.  I would like it done sooner than later, or as budget allows.

Way on the horizon:  dreamy ideas that, truthfully, may never happen.  And I'm okay with that.

So without further ado, my 2012 home goals (plus a handful of waaaay on the horizon)


Girl's room:
Finish small pillow for swing chair
Make a new book bin for under the bedside table
Frame and hang final art
Paint the bathroom stripes

Upstairs hallway:
Build and buy new frames for large-scale art to layer over magnetic paint

Guest Room:
Decide about final fabric for bedding, order, sew pillowcases
Cover roller shade in fabric or replace with bamboo blind

Master bedroom:
Paint moroccan side table
Add to gallery wall
Clear top of closet shelves

Comfortable office chair (since the cushioned ghost chair isn't cutting it)
Revamped toy storage

Dining Room:
Spray bases of Eames chairs
Fix sheers (currently too short, and tab top)
Frame Japanese print and hang

Living Room:
finish sewing curtains
interesting trim treatment to curtains (pinboard in motion)


Wallpaper or paint treatment for Living Room fireplace wall
Build frame and create artwork to hang over TV when not in use
Paint treatment or upholstery on office accent wall
Paint backs of office shelving
Possibly recover guest room lampshades
Indoor tree in front of dining room windows?
Laundry room.  Just that, Laundry room!
Move new fixture to dining room, maskros to stairwell
Deck dining furniture


New ceiling light fixtures in all bedrooms
Wallpaper or something interesting on powder room walls
amazing modern adirondack chairs for front yard
finish the basement!!

Well, I hate to say it, but I kind of regret doing that.  Going in, I was thinking what a short list I have.  Ha!  Not so short.  And I probably forgot stuff.

Well, at least I have you all along for the ride!


  1. This is a great list! Heather, I totally agree that listing this out sort of keeps you honest and accountable. I look forward to seeing all of these projects on your blog!

  2. Haha! Yup, now that you posted it, I'm going to hold you to it :)

  3. It does give a certain sense of being held accountable when you blog about it huh? I'm seriously thinking I should do this for the very same reason. Good luck with that hefty list!


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