Saturday, June 18, 2011

Small Measures: Stenciled Dresser

Small Measures: a new occasional weekend series.  One image.  25 words or less (not counting these introductory words).  Projects you could do in a day.

With the furniture-painting trend, sometimes I miss wood.  The warmth.  The grain.  Best of both worlds? a  treatment that looks more timeless then trendy.

(whoa.  25 exactly.  Perhaps the limit should be 50?)


  1. That is one beautiful dresser! I think asong as there is a mix of wood and paint, the warmth is still there.

    You need to live closer--we could be fierce shopping buddies.

  2. I love that dresser. And you are right sometimes I miss wood tones in my living room. I bring it in through wood sculptures. It fills the void.

  3. Love the combo and the pattern on this one. I've done the best of both worlds with two tone furniture. I left the outside wood and painted all the drawer fronts. I have two pieces like this, perhaps thats enough! :)

  4. I'm liking this series....can't wait to see more...


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