Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Story of a Project: Design Boards

Picking up where we left off yesterday:

For her living room and dining room, my client chose from a selection of floor plan options.

Her choice?  Casual entertaining.

We knew we were taking our colors from this rug, 

and she also had an amazing tree-slice coffee table that we decided to keep.  

I shared the dining room options on the blog here.  This was the final:

Since the living room is open to this space, the two rooms had to play nice.  We decided on a couple of key elements before I even started sourcing: grey sectional, natural fiber rug layered under the silk one, and white linen curtains.  From there it was a question of where to put the color, and pinning down a "look."

Look 1: Slightly Coastal

This one has natural wood elements to play off the vintage coffee table, and crisp white, glass, and nickel for clean contrast.  One strong pop of coral is fun and fresh.

Look 2: Modern Organic

Here the color palette emphasizes teal and black, and the accent elements are more streamlined in shape but incorporate rustic finishes.

Look 3: modern pop

The most contemporary, this look has classic mid-century lines on the console, chair, and lighting, ans slick finishes and bright coral to contrast the natural textures.

I won't make you guess: Look 3 was the winner.  BUT, we changed a lot when it came time to implement months later.  Tweaks up next, tomorrow!

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