Monday, October 20, 2014


We are just back from a gorgeous wedding in Connecticut, and my list is a mile long, but I wanted to pop in and say hello.

I have always been deadline-driven, and last week, with a photographer coming to my house, I had a doozy of a deadline.  The goal, in a nutshell, was to finish.  Yup, finish.  Like, everything.

I remembered that I made a list of home goals, way back in the beginning of 2012.  It was funny to look at it and see the things I checked off, 2.5 years later, that I didn't even realize I had planned for, like "amazing modern adirondack chair for the front yard," which my husband designed and built, by the way, or "indoor tree in dining room window," which is done, courtesy of Ikea.  Lots of other specific little things changed all together.

I'm holding off on sharing much in pictures, but here's just a quick list of what we have recently accomplished, and why I haven't been too available lately:

- Exterior paint
- Wallpaper powder room
- Wallpaper laundry room
- Wallpaper upstairs hall and frame and hang gallery of (105!) family photos
- Paint girls bathroom
- Paint inside of office bookshelves
- Re-organize and style office bookshelves
- Redo front entry
- Sew accent pillows for girls room
- Polish brass urns for dining room
- Replace dining room light fixture
- Spraypaint outside chairs
- Spraypaint this little chair for entry
- Buy(and spraypaint!) hardware for the little desk
- Make a new painting to hide the TV


In terms of "being done," well, I am realizing today that I faked a bunch of things that I will now have to finish.  Like, the new shower curtains for the girls bath is really a pair of curtain-curtains and will need to be adapated for water-resistance.  Or, the trim I added to the guest room bedskirt is actually just pinned on, and not even on all three sides.  Or, those pillows I sewed for the girls room are still open on the bottom, where you can't see them.

The good news about all those odds and ends is that I will have plenty of little projects to share in the coming weeks.

I will say this: it is so interesting to look back over photos of the house these past four years.  I absolutely love where I have landed.  I completely Love My Space,

I hope you'll stick around!


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