Thursday, September 26, 2013


Look what came in the mail!

Now, what else can I put on my (apparently very effective) blog wishlist?

Just kidding.

The girls LOVE it.  It's a little bigger than I expected and a tiny bit tight for the space, but when I suggested using it for myself they looked at me aghast.  It has already "eaten" many clothes, and they are debating names.  (I could also send it back for the medium size, but it would lose some of its fun, I think.)

I was impressed that the hamper comes with a liner/bag that velcroes to the inside top for easy removal, and the thing is really well made.



  1. that elephant makes me so happy and a little bit jealous!

  2. Very cute and sometimes you just have to "super size" an item, think its size makes a simple graphic statement as well as making it actually functional as a hamper. I've collected elephants since I was a tot, watch out, it can grow to an obsession, at one point we even had a billiards table with elephants as legs!

  3. How fun! Love the whimsy it brings to the bathroom!!


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