Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finding another way

I think I say this a lot:

There is ALWAYS more than one option.

I will admit that every once in a while when walking into a project, I fear that I won't know what to do.  A master suite that I just started working on (for these guys) falls in to this category.   It is HUGE and sort of awkward, long and narrow with various appendages, including a big closet, a bathroom, and a little niche with a fireplace.  More than anything, it was clear that this space--an addition to the house--had been designed with a pretty clear layout in mind.

The window placement on the long wall felt like it dictated the bed placement.  (And yes, both the client and the previous owners had the bed there.)  There were various options about what to do in the zones created by dividing the room this way, but the bed felt like a given.

Except!  There is ALWAYS more than one option.  (Okay, for you sticklers out there, with very few exceptions.)

By placing the (king sized) bed on the wall in front of the bank of windows, the layout actually completely opens up and allows us to float a seating area in the middle of the room.  The dresser on the wall is close to the closet (logical), but can also serve as a media console as needed, with a TV mounted above.  We then designated the little niche for family game night, with a small table, 4 chairs, and some built in storage on the wall.

Before, the large space felt pretty purposeless.  Now, the room will have three distinct zones and functions.  My client kept coming back to this one, saying "ooh, it feels like an upscale hotel suite,"


And for the record, that fear that I won't know what to do has not yet been fulfilled.  In fact, solving these problems is a huge part of the fun of my job.

But still: Knock wood.

Oh, and I will show you three initial design directions for this space tomorrow.


Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you!


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