Monday, September 23, 2013

Retail Wallpaper

It's no secret that wallpaper is back in a big way.  So perhaps it should be no surprise that the most trend-forward big box. catalog retailers are getting in on the action.

There have been a few retail sources for to-the-trade papers for a while now, most notably Walnut Wallpaper, and Anthropologie was early to the table with a tight selection of some designed-elsewhere papers.

Now, West Elm and Serena and Lily are out with their own collections, available direct to the consumer.

Serena and Lily's collection has 25+ designs, most in various colorways, and retail for a reasonable $88/ 27' single roll, which is similar to many of the trade papers I sell.

West Elm's papers are pretty pricey at $299 for an 11-yard single roll, but they are low-VOC and, it appears, removable, making them an option for apartment dwellers and all you DIY types.

So, are you craving wallpaper these days?  I seem to be choosing a lot of it for clients lately.

And P.S., Serena and Lily is having a huge sale right now.  Just use code GOODSAVE at checkout to get $100 of $500, $500 of $1500, and various deals in between.


  1. I'm definitely loving wallpaper and have been for awhile. I'm really hoping to get a few rooms in our house papered this winter.

    1. I know: LOVE your plans for the wallpapered bathroom! Wishing for paper in my upstairs hallway, though honestly haven't figure out WHAT.

  2. I've had the urge to wallpaper the inside of my closets for a while now. I know it would be awesome, but I haven't convinced myself to tackle it yet.

    1. I love the surprise of paper in a closet. I say go for it!

  3. Hi Heather
    I like you all patterns some of those my nebours are using at walls , look cool and modern i'm looking wallpaper for kids room can you suggest me something like cartoon check it image source this kind of wallpapers.


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