Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Striped rugs: how to keep it global

It is, perhaps, and understatement to say that stripes are having a major moment.
It is, perhaps, even an understatement to say that striped RUGS are having a fairly major moment.  More specifically, Ikea's black and white striped knock off of Madeline Weinrib's great broken-stripe dhurrie is having a cultural moment all to itself.

The original in Nate Berkus's former living room

Reading the most recent issue of Matchbook, I was struck by a dhurrie of another stripe in John Robshaw's living room (see what I did there?)

Striped rugs can go coastal quickly, but I love the way this one had a global vibe instead, acting as the perfect foil to all of Robshaw's trademark block prints and far-flung metallics.

After all, this type of dhurrie has been around forever, and it's no new trick in design.  The key to keeping it bohemian?  Muted, earthy color, wool rather than cotton, and a worn-in, vintage feel.

Amanda Peet's house in Domino

Ellen Pompeo's house, by Matyn Lawrence Bullard, in Arch Digest (I had forgotten how much I love this house!)

via houseandhome.com

On another tack, I love the way the antique striped rugs take the formality down a notch in these spaces.  Even when using blue, there is nothing ocean-side about these rooms.

I may or may not have found an incredible deal on one I've been eyeing for my living room, and it may or may not be on its way....

It also may or may not work, in which case we'll pretend we never had this conversation.  Deal?


  1. I love Ellen Pompeo's house too! Gonna use this for inspiration in the new cottage!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  2. Rugs are definitely perfect in living room and bedroom especially if they are dark colored, don’t you think? It simply spices up the room and ambiance. I think that rug is really cool! It’s perfect for any concept or design of the room, right? Thanks a lot for sharing! I love it!


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