Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Target and Neiman Marcus: Will you buy?

I am ALL for the designer collaborations that have become so ubiquitous over the last few years.  I have always loved the look of high style, but have never quite been able to stomach the price tags.

There has been quite a bit of buzz over the new collaboration between Target and Neiman Marcus, and when I was in a Target store yesterday I found myself pulled inexorably from my place in the checkout line to go touch and feel the clothes in the collection.

Oh, you mean these?

see all 60 pieces in the collection here

Because I was at Target, I started to just throw a couple of the items in to my cart--because with the low price points at Target, that's how I shop there.  These items are not cheap, however, and after some inner struggle (my birthday is next week!)  I decided not to bring anything home.  The items shown here range from $69-$99, which is a steal for the work of these designers (Marchesa, Tracy Reese, Lela Rose, etc), but is also not a price point where you just grab two and call it a day.  What you are buying in these collaborations is the designers' look and ideas, not their quality, and I worry about spending 80 bucks on a blouse that may or may not hold up.  

In my 20s, I was all about quantity over quality, and prided myself on rarely wearing the same outfit twice.  As I get older, my strategy has shifted to fewer, better pieces.  Rather than clearing out the clearance rack at H+M and then purging my closet each season, I have started to invest in pieces that I wear for 5 years, until they wear out.  If I can repair them, I do.

I think my struggle with this new collection is that they seem to fit somewhere in between: not a throw-away price point, but probably not the quality or timelessness of a long term investment.  Of course, if that Tracy Reese blouse somehow makes it to a clearance rack, you better believe I will snatch it up!

What about you:  will you shop this collection?  Are you more about quantity or quality in your wardrobe or your home?

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