Friday, December 14, 2012

Mix Your Prints!

Mixing prints is nothing new.  In fact, if I had to pick the biggest trend of recent years, /I think that would be it.  It feels like the bigger, the bolder, the more MIXED the mix, the better.  (want to get tips from the best? Check out my links, here.)


I find myself inspired by Lucky magazine lately, but mostly it's about translating their stories from fashion to interiors (like I did here.  And, with a lot less success, here.)  The current issue has a piece on--you guessed it--mixing prints, and I found myself playing around with some of their formulas.

1.  Stripes and Florals

Obviously these are not finished rooms, just a starting point of some fun combos of patterns and fabrics.  It's easiest to pull off if the two pattern have a common color, like the citron in the duvet and throw pillow at the bottom right.  Even better if the fabrics are similar weight, like the two broken in linen-cottons on the bottom left.

2. Global and global (and global and global!)

If you keep a contained color scheme, you can pile on the patterns--all part of the global look.

Other categories included "Polka dots and wide stripes" and "dots and stars."  In your home, dots and stars are not easy to pull off without a juvenile effect, and it's much more about one statement piece, like stars on the ceiling or off-the-cuff wall dots, than a mix of textiles.  Don't you agree?

Check out the latest issue of Lucky if you are actually in the mood for wardrobe inspiration.  Meanwhile, I'm getting all kinds of ideas for blog columns....

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